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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 17, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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video show, "right this minute." >> rangers move toward a mud hole, where -- >> for hours, those elephants have been trying tobaby out of . >> why a herd of anxious elephants means one dangerous situation. a skydiver spots an opportunity and decides -- >> i'm going to do something real cool >> why maybe he should focus on the basics. >> oh! >> he tried to get fancy. it's a video at a german zoo that speaksor itself. see the primate friend who makes himself at home. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web.
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including video of two people to test your powers of observation. >> are they in love? or not? >> see if you can pick up on the clues that reveal if they're a couple. normally when baby elephants are in the water we see a wonderful video of the play time but this was anything but fun. >> there it is. >> this video was captured from a hide at the elephant park in south africa. for hours those elephants have been trying to get that baby out of there. the longer they were t more anxious the elephants became. so that's why the rangers had to come in. this is close to the main camp. once the elephants goteasingly started trumpeting and a large herd came in. the rangers roll in. >> this is a risky one. >> you s of that that looks like a rifle a usually they carry them not to shoot at the animals but to spook them and they runaway.
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>> one guy is working and another one, trying to get that elephant out of there. >> is a baby elephant, but those things are still heavy. it's not going to be an easy task for these guys. [ applause ] >> they are able to get it right and get it on solid ground. >> an forgets. i wan that l elephant come back in ten years, go, that was nice of but >> what i really love about this, the reunion. even though the baby was being rescued by humans the herd didn't take off they stuck around, they were hoping to be reunited with the baby and that's always good to see. [ cheers and applause ] this video comes from a skydiver an at this point he's already deployed his canopy and just gliding down to his landing zone. this video posted by join the team. now, he is apparently new. he has 212 jumps under his belt, not that be he's novice.
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he's gliding down, and he spots this pond right here and decides i'm going to do something real cool over that pond. >> skimming pond where they go down and drag their feet through, precision sort of landing? >> in the movies. >> that is so boring, oli! >> let's see how good our skills are these days. he gets over the those cords an turn. >> no. >> oh! >> ! >> see, he tried to get fancy. >> not only did he not have enough altitude, he didn't have the skills to could this and he admits to it. fortunately he made it out of this and is able to look back and analyze the situation. >> he's looking back at it from a hospital bed? >> absoluly. he broke one of his legs and one of hises, both which needed surgery, so he might even be watching this in the hospital. >> now when we say break your ankle, that's a dance.
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>> it was a pretty harsh landing and he admits it. he f anything he's learned a lesson. on the fol grrr! drive me ad. here you are headedp the highway. notice there's a lot of traffic happening, backed up, but the lane we're riding in is going pretty well. the person in this vehicle has decided to slow things down a bit. >> hang on. is it because everybody needs to move over? i get this guy, he's being the motorway vigilante. >> the road was closed earlier. while you want to be the hall monitor get your facts straight because the lane is open and has been open. this person didn't get the memo but they're not the only one. >> both cars are doing it? >> both cars are blocking hundreds of other cars. that's when one of the other guys gets out. hey, yo, dude, you're backing
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everybody up. the lane is open. let's go. >> dude, is this a time we're going to see british road rage? >> no. all he does is get angry, storm off, get back in his car and then the person from three cars back run and is like got a sitd you. they threatened to call the police on them. they still doubled down. >> wow, oh my goodness i'm so upset watching. >> after a bit, those cars finally do see the signs up ahead that say it's okay to proceed and go the speed limit. police say that none of that was reported so they handled it amongst themselves and kept moving. >> don't worry. this is the uk, and that person upon sing the 40-mile-an-hour, quickly died of shame. winter sports are fun but they come with inherent dangers. couple of videos to demonstrate hat, the first one comes to us from she py they're a cross-country
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skier got himself into a bit of a pickle quite side of the mountain. there's a line carved out into the show, backwards and forwards. something went wrong from the beginning. the skier injured their shoulder and need to be rescued and it's tricky rescue to say the least. >> do they have a way to communicate they needed help or tossing snow up in the air? >> like sos signal? >> fortunately they were able to get the call out. they lower down the cable, people down on the bottom to help secure. you see the signal given to the pilot to lift up and before you know it, they're done. slightly different situation, this one from northern ch other skiers quickly spotting the problem. >> oh yes. >> somebody didn't make it into the lift or slipped that's 7-y hanging from this gondola 65 feet or about 20 seconds. his fingers are slipping and then -- >> my gosh! >> oh!>> yes, that's a big fall.
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lands completely flat on the there were other people in that gondola but it's unclear who because it wasn't the-year-old's parents. he going on around.uest's that there is more video, though. >> >> the 7-year-old itty much like wily e. coyote, straight into the ground, left a 7-year-old outline in the snow. the reason i'm making a joke there is because the snow was so deep the 7-year-old was able to shake this off and continue skiing. don't tell mom. >> yes, don't tell mom. >> don't tell mom! ng big is wheeled out at the wedding. >> to make this happy couple happier. >> why this over-the-top treat truly takes the cake. >> >> i know. >> wainute. youtube roman atwoods about tochallenge. >> do this, justgo. >> commit. >>ee if he can sk nge.
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i guarantee you've never seen a wedding cake like this. this cake is said to weind was 2,000 miles to make this happy couple happier. >> whenever we see these weddings from kazhakstan itncre er-the it's like hollywood multiplied by thousands. >> go big or go home. >>hey went big all right. watch what's about to happen on the >> fudge cakes. >> it's edible. >> the bs edible. i don't know if'd go into that stuff up there. >> the carriage moves around and then the happy couple gets out of the carriage, goes into the big, giant palace, created on top of that cake. now on the internet, people are saying this is the most expensive wedding cake in history in kazhakstan, about $179,000. the baker said, that's not exactly correct, but would not cost.rm how much it actually >> you know it cost a lot because they never give the
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the cak is indicative of the entire reception. it's on par with what they created. as much as roman atwood eventually you're g out of ideas. what do i do todinterested. >> you haven't given me my birthday wish. >> because the pond, dude, the poppe nd, dude. >> his decided it would a great time for roman to dip himself into icy cold water.n tr the summer a ton but now it'spr. he first attempted this when he was in finland with his buddies and the guys dipped themselves in. roman tried but couldn't. as soon as he put his chest in the water he felt he could no longer breathe so he didn't actually dip his entire body itself into the icy waters. >> you forgot to dip your head.
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>> this is an opportunity for hi himself. they get a chainsa start cutting a hole in the icy. >> i didn't thick the ice was -- oh! >> ooh! that looks frigid. >> their buddy is going to start first. >> you're doing good -- what? >> that's how you got to do, just go for it, dunk in and pop back out. >> that's what the buddy did. he dips himself in, immediately gets himself out and starts running toward the house. and he's actually running toward the hot tub that they've prepared so they had a really warm place to jump into. >> just looking at that time mea rush. >> all right, now it's time for. >> commit. bailey's right, just jump in. that's the worst part, there, yeah. see, he just hesitated. >> oh my phone's in my po>> fore out. >> okay, yeah, you do need to
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take that out, bro. >> will he commit? will he just dunk himself in the water? >> oh! >> well done! >> he just lets go and sinks into the water, but immediately he comes runni back out. and he runs as fast as toward the hot tub. >> a bunch of people in norway, finland, sweden, going, dude, chill out. >> i'm so happy. did it. >> yes! >> time for his next budothis, running toward the hot tub. thiss r successful day. >> i'm having a physical cold reaction from watching this. su? >> dang, girl. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a
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years in the sun causing dark spots? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. sometimes it's your responsibility to have all the answers, to be that form and that source of inspiration when your children are going through tough times, and sometimes the script gets flipped, like in this juken video. >> if you say you can fly helicopters. >> i don't know what the conversation is about, but this little man has seen the jumanji movie and it inspired him. his mom is like this isn't the movie. >> h believed in himself, and you can, too. >> oh, man, you're going to put it on me like that?
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>> yes, is he going to put it on you like that because he immediately continues. >> you can do anything that you want. you can get singing lessons, get a better job, makemoney. you could be even like rich, you could live in the whn the white someday. >> yeah, anybody coulpresident. >> he's convincing, too, look at his facial expressions. you cannot go out and find a new job or maybe, you know, get pilot's license. >> he's not done. he boils it all down. >> it's not up to other people. >> it's true. >> it's up to you. >> he has figured out the key to life. it's not about what everybody else wants. what do you want? you tell them. does this argument work when it to you go to d. i't wantgo. goinghat i wantp to. want to see the
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>> i love you. the youtube nippleheim husband yk is put this up from the rendelshem forest in the uk pulled by six doggs on this rig. thig sled. it is a bike rig. >> cool. >> but watch when this bike rig goes around corn corner. >> the dogs were all fine. the rider only a few bruises and bumps but kept going. back up. camera angle kind of chaed because the camera moved, when you fall off the video is from national park. >> look out the window. >> the nature tech family said they're on a bridge over the lamar river when the bison went running. >> dang, stay out of their way, man. >> you stay out of your way, you stay still, let them pass. watch the dashboard. it's like a california earthquake when they passby.
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and now let's join elder rhett with the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. they went to the zoo. >> this is me and my friend. >> oh! >> he's on my head. >> not it climb on him, it turned around and hey, let me put my tail end. >> that is funny. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's going to be a great story. how is it going in jereger germ. well, mom -- >> just look a video. >> it speaks for itself. kaitlin and cord share their story. >> are they in love or not? >> it's fun now to talk about. >> oh, boy. >> watch and see if you spot any
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clues that point to their current relationship stat not the niftiest guy
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when it comes to diy but i could do that no pr >> i told you, niftiest of them all. keeping it clean. kaitlin and cord like most people who enter relationships are different people come from different back grounds. they share their story. are they in love or not? >> i was in colorado with my mom and dad and my little sister. we'd all yell and scream at each other if we were fighting but we had to talk it out. >> kaitlin was vocal but cord's family not so much. >> you're fastest. if you hear a song you can tap your foot or tap your hand but you can't do both because that's dancing. >> he wanted the fairytale. >> the lights all go off and you
2:56 pm
see her for the first time and it's a beautiful moment. >> let's tal >>t was in the movtant and she totally. >> i did not. the longest pony . t have to talk about >> she goes hair. >> she was mea i was weird beca being mea to me. >> well again, you had a pony calling love already. they're funny and have a sense of humor. >> we can't agree on how long they were dating. he says they were dating and she says they to movies, to i was thinking we were just friends. >> those are dates. >> i was thinking i wasriends o. >> finally she got tired of it and put it all out there. >> they're sitting on top sit
2:57 pm
sides and legs are crossed in a lot of directions. body experts feel that is an aversion to the other person. >> i'm sticking with love. >> i'm going with suspect. >> my family doesn't talk but we're quiet. i went to your house and your family is screaming at each other and i'm sitting in the corner terrified out of my mind. >> calls it screaming. maybe they're enthusiastic and passionate. >> you always had trouble holding onto it. >> very easy. that was a big one. >> money is a big issue for a lot of couples. >> when you have all of these issues and care for each other it doesn't really matter. >> so ladies and gentlemen, are they in love? or not? >> one, two, three. yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. ♪ still in love with you >> yep, they're in love. >> they got the giggles. >> and now they sit closer together and they talk about the fact that they're different but really good friends. >> we are who we are together. >> and we're still best friends. >> yeah, we are. after all this time. >> after all this time.
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>> yeah these guys are long-term. >> that's all we've got for this epis
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♪ lation julian: welless it's no, you staring at yourself in the mirror. [ sighs ] julian. but the second you start asking the mirror who's the fairest of the at's when i'm committing you, okay? [ laughs ] what are you doing here? oh, the door waspen. i let myself in. figured the padre wasn't guy, you know what i mean? no, i just, uh, stopped by to wish you luck, you know? i know you're having your procedure later. thank you. i'll take it. if this treatment doesn't work, then... i'm all out of options, and i'll be stuck like this for the rest of my life.
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you know, i have to tell you, this tiny little scar that you have left -- it's really not that bad. you're still a knockout. you think it's worth it, having another, uh --
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